Hi! My name is Nadia Uddin & I need a kidney!

I am 11 years old; a student at PS 83 in Bronx, New York. One day I was very sick and we went to the hospital. That's when we found out I have End Stage Renal Disease.  I had to go for dialysis 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes stay in the hospital. Soon I will have an operation to correct a vascular problem and require dialysis for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. My mom and family takes care of me and some new friends are trying to help me find a kidney. Hope you'll check out my website and help me find a kidney!


What is End-Stage Renal Disease?
It is also known as Chronic Renal Failure or Kidney Failure. It's what I have. It means that my kidneys don't work. It's permanent, my kidneys won't get better... I NEED A KIDNEY.
Why I Need a Kidney? 
Pretty much, kidneys filter the blood and get rid of all the waste, extra water and stuff called electrolytes which your body doesn't need. They keep your bodies fluids balanced. Kidneys also help regulate blood pressure by getting rid of extra sodium. They also release a hormone which helps produce red blood cells in our bone marrow which are then released into our bloodstream. Kidneys also regulate calcium and other minerals and work with some of our other body organs to make sure our bones grow and are healthy. 

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do your bit & get fit!

If you live in the Bronx too, you can help me & you!! Delgado Karate SportS School at 
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P.S.83 & J&D Snacks -Utz

Special thanks to J&D Snacks, Utz distributors and my teachers & classmates! Donated potato chips are being sold at my school to help my family pay my medical and our utility bills!

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