Thinking of Donating a Kidney to Me?

You have more of a chance of dying in a car accident than as a donor, I don't have a chance without you! If your thinking of donating a kidney to me...THANKS!!

There is just a blood test and a few other factors, involved: Like a healthy kidney!
Kidney donation doesn't change life expectancy. Your remaining kidney will get a little bigger to do the work that both of your kidneys used to do. Recovering from the surgery only takes around 2-6 weeks.
Then we can both go on to live happy, healthy and normal lives!

There's a bunch of information about Kidney Donation all over the web, here's a few sites:

The National Kidney Organization has a lot of information on my disease and all about becoming a donor:
So does this website:

For even more info on donating a kidney to me check out:

Transplants are highly successful, you can find more info and stats at:

Learn and Talk to other living donors at:
Read a great story from a woman who has donated here:

You can save many lives, become a future organ donor!
Even if you don't want to be my Living Donor; PLEASE learn more about donating Organs:
Register to become a donor here: 

want to test to be my donor?